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Bert Vermeer’s Alberg

Bert Vermeer’s Alberg
January 3, 2019 nfmetals

The portlights look like jewelry on the Alberg cabin. Not a real breeze to install but once I got the first one sorted out the rest were simple. The cutting/drilling template was fabulous and is on its way back to you. The web site postings were very helpful, particularly for installing the screens. I would never have thought of adjusting hinges and dogs, I would have tried removing the rubber seal (duh!). It may be useful to add that trial fitting the screens before installation for proper fit would be most helpful. Trying to ensure the adjustment is right would be easier to view before installation in cramped quarters. Now to start re-fitting the rest of the exterior! Thank you for your assistance to make this installation work.
– Bert Vermeer

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