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What is a cut out range?

The cut out range is the minimum and maximum cut out size that any given port will fit in. For example, our 5×12 Port has a minimum cut out size of 5 ½ by 12 ½ and a maximum cut out size of 6 ½ by 14 inches.

What is a Spigot?

The spigot is the stamped sleeve that has drains at the bottom and is perpendicularly attached to the main frame. The spigot passes through the cabin wall’s cutout and also the finishing ring. The Standard spigot will sandwich a maximum cabin side thickness of 1-1/2″. We recommend having a small amount of spigot protruding past the finishing ring so that water drains away from the port without wicking back towards the cutout. To calculate how much spigot will protrude, subtract the total cabin side from the length of the spigot (i.e. 1-1/2″ spigot minus 1″ cabin side = about 1/2″ of spigot protruding past the finishing ring).

My port is leaking, what is wrong?

There can be a couple of things at play here. One is that the port may not have been bedded correctly, or an improper caulk may have been used. The other possibility is that the hinges or closing dogs have not been properly adjusted for seal against the glass frame.

What is bolt through construction?

Bolt through construction means that the port and the finishing ring bolt to eachother, thereby sandwiching the cabin wall in-between the finishing ring and the body of the port. This means that the structure of the port does not rely on “screwing and glueing” the port into the cutout.

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