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Care & Maintenance

Thank you for purchasing a New Found Metals portlight. To keep these ports looking great, take a moment to review our care and maintenance tips.

  1. If you own a car or truck, you wouldn’t think twice about giving it a regular wash to remove dirt and road residues. Treat your portlights right by keeping them clean too! A mild detergent and water will wash away saltwater residues that, if left on the metal surface, may cause spotting.
  2. If you haven’t been washing your portlights (gasp!), and you see some spotting, you can easily remove it by using a stainless steel or chrome metal polish and a soft cloth. If you own a  dremel with a buffing wheel, this will make the job go faster.
  3. RainX and similar products, applied to a newly cleaned portlight, will help keep water from sitting on the surface of the metal.

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